Campus Construction Map

We’re excited about the many transformations happening on campus. Check out the map of construction projects to see what’s in store!

View the full 2019 Campus Construction Map here.

Project Rundown

Memorial Union Demolition & Construction of New Building
Relocation efforts will continue throughout the remainder of the semester. Following commencement, abatement crews will be removing the remaining asbestos leading up to a planned demolition start date of early July 2019. Demolition and reconstruction of the new Memorial Union will take approximately 24 months.

Chester Fritz Library Remodel
Construction crews will be completing Phase 1 of the CFL project to create a new home for UND IT in the lower level of the library. After Phase 1 is complete, construction crews will begin work on Phase 2 to improve the building circulation, install a sprinkler system, upgrade mechanical systems, and install high density book shelving. The project is scheduled to be completed in early 2020.

Construction of new Steam Plant & Steam Distribution
Construction will start on the new steam plant in the coming weeks. Additionally new steam distribution routing will start in April and will continue into the fall.

Please be aware of intermittent road closures required as new underground steam piping is being installed.

University Ave Reconstruction
University Ave will be fully reconstructed from Columbia Road to the English Coulee bridge and receive less intensive upgrades from the Coulee to 42 Street in 2019. The project is scheduled to start in early May and will be completed in the fall. Additional information regarding project phasing, road closures, and other impacts will be made available following the project award on or around mid-April. University Ave will be open from the Coulee Bridge to 42 Street prior to Move In Weekend, but it is expected that work on the road from Columbia Road to the Coulee Bridge will extend into the Fall Semester.

O’Kelly TTaDA Renovation
Renovations in O’Kelly Hall third floor to create a new home for the TTaDA department are scheduled to be completed in July 2019.

Gershman Student Engagement Center
Renovations in the former J Lloyd Stone House will be completed in July 2019. Crews are currently working on the new foundation, new utilities, and interior renovations.

Davis Drive Parking Lot
Construction of the new David Drive parking lot, located south of Fulton Hall and west of Burtness Theatre will begin after spring commencement. Work is expected to be completed during summer break.

Gustafson Parking Lot
Construction of a new parking lot to the south of Gustafson Hall will begin after spring commencement. Work is expected to be completed during summer break.

UND Roadways (Connections to University Ave)
Reconstruction and re-alignment of a number of campus roads will be completed during the summer of 2019. Please refer to campus construction map for specific locations.

Tuckpointing (Ryan Hall, Clifford Hall, UND Parking Garage, EERC)
Masonry repair projects scheduled for the summer of 2019.

Ray Richards Golf Course Maintenance Project
UND has projects in place to restore the Ray Richards golf course and update irrigation equipment.

Interior remodels (Nursing, Trio, University Health, etc.)

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