Move Checklist

With all of the renewal and construction projects taking place on campus, things can easily get lost and be difficult to find again. By using the following recommendations, things that seem confusing now will become more clear and manageable.

Here are some steps you will find very beneficial as you begin to navigate through this transitional period on campus:

  1. Subscribe to the Campus Renewal & Construction Updates Blog. This will be the spot where the most accurate and up-to-date information will be housed. Check back often for updates.
  2. Update your location on your web page. Don’t forget about the footer.
  3. We will handle updating the UND Directory information, so relax — this one’s on us!
  4. Update your email signature following our brand guidelines.
  5. Do you have your own social media accounts? Make sure to update these locations as well as posting to let people know you’ve moved and have a new home.
  6. We will post weekly digital signage images across campus that will reflect the most recent changes that have taken place that week.
  7. Order new business cards online if needed.

Together, we can make this transitional time run as smooth as possible. With any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

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