Memorial Union Demolition to Begin

Demolition of the Memorial Union will begin later this afternoon with the crews starting work in the northwest corner of the building.

Over the coming weeks, crews may be working extended hours during the weekdays and on weekends with plans to have the building completely demolished by late August.  Excavators will be used for the demolition and crews will be working to sort materials for recycling before debris is hauled away.  Trucks will enter the site on 2nd Avenue, wrapping around the west side of the site to the north and will leave the site via the east side of Swanson Hall back onto 2nd Avenue.  There will be crews available to assist with vehicle and pedestrian traffic and safety at the intersection of 2nd Avenue and Cornell Street.

The schedule currently has the demolition and debris removal complete by Labor Day.

A time lapse camera has been erected that offers a live video feed of the demolition and construction activity that everyone can view: