Memorial Union Demolition

Access is currently restricted on the north side of McCannel Hall, west of the building entrance. The sidewalk pathway is temporarily very narrow to allow for electrical crews to re-configure electrical distribution equipment as required for the new Memorial Union project. Temp fencing panels are in place to keep the work zone safe. The sidewalk is expected to re-open to full width by the middle of next week.

Structural demolition is expected to begin next week. Expect quite a bit of noise around the Memorial Union as crews will be working extended hours to raze the building, sort out materials to be recycled, and haul away rubble. Demolition crews will be using water to keep the dust from demolition under control. Also please expect a high volume of trucks entering and leaving the MU construction site via 2nd Ave North and Columbia Road.

A time lapse camera has been erected that offers a live video feed of the demolition and construction activity that everyone can view:

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