CFL: New and Improved!

The Chester Fritz Library is excited to announce that the east side of the third floor will be opening on Monday, December 16! In addition to being able to get a glimpse of the upcoming Visualization Lab, you’ll be surprised by the drastic change in the spaces in that area. Seven new study rooms have been added to this area, which will bring the total on this floor to nine rooms (including two pre-renovation study rooms).

Construction crews will be starting to work on the 4th floor, east side, at the end of January. That side of the 4th floor will be closed at that time and the books in that section (A – GV) will be unavailable to the public. More information will be available as we get closer to the close date.

As a reminder, the new website will also go live in the morning on Monday, December 16. Be sure to check the library site to see the changes!