Nistler CoBPA Late November Progress Update

Progress Update

Backfilling of the foundation continues as we push to complete concrete foundations. CMU in the south is nearly complete and will move to the east next to begin on the east stairwell. Structural steel erection has begun on the main level. We are excited to almost be finished with the concrete foundations!

Photo Update

Quality Corner

Anchor Bolt As-Builts: As the concrete foundations are poured and the anchor bolts are placed, as-builts are performed. The as-builts determine if the anchor bolts were correctly placed or if they moved during the pour. Performing these as-builts helps minimize problems when setting steel and ensures quality work is being done.

Upcoming Work

  • East CMU Stairwell

  • Steel Decking and detailing

Did You Know?

The building is made up of approximately 838 tons of steel which is equivalent to 378 Regular Cab 2021 Ford F150 platinum pickup trucks.

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