Nistler CoBPA Late December Progress Update

Progress Update

Last week, the east CMU stairwell was completed while the north stairwell and Elevator shaft are ongoing. Sequence 1 steel erection in the south is nearly complete as we work on decking/detailing and pushing forward to the north erecting sequence 2. Lastly, In the south east, the steam and condensate piping installation has begun.

Photo Update

Quality Corner

Anchor Bolt As-Builts: As the concrete foundations are poured and the anchor bolts are placed, as-builts are performed. The as-builts determine if the anchor bolts were correctly placed or if they moved during the pour. Performing these as-builts helps minimize problems when setting steel and ensures quality work is being

Upcoming Work

  • Sequence 1 Steel Decking and detailing

  • Sequence 2 steel erection

  • North CMU Elevator Shaft and stairwell

  • Steam and Condensate piping

  • Slabs on deck/Grade

Did You Know?

So far 22,600 square feet of steel decking has been installed. This is the equivalent of 4 NBA basketball courts.

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