Nistler CoBPA Early December Progress Update

Progress Update

Last week we finished pouring the last foundation wall just in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday! The south CMU stairwell and elevator shaft are also complete! If you were to drive by the site this week you will see the building is really starting to take shape as we continue to set structural steel.

Photo Update

Quality Corner

Soil Density Tests: As the site gets backfilled, a third party inspector is brought in to perform soil density tests. These tests ensure the fill meets the compaction requirement. Ensuring proper compaction creates a solid bearing surface free of rutting or deflection and is safe for construction.

Upcoming Work

  • Skyway Piers

  • Sequence 1 Steel Decking and detailing

  • Sequence 2 steel erection

  • North CMU Elevator Shaft

Did You Know?

So far 10,595 square feet of CMU has been placed. This is the equivalent of approximately 4 full size tennis courts.

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