Nistler CoBPA Late January Progress Update

Progress Update

Welcome back and happy new year! Sequence 2 structural steel erection is complete, decking is currently getting detailed and will be complete soon. Pitched roof decking will commence shortly after. Sequence 3 structural steel erection has officially begun and both CMU towers are complete as well. Temp enclosures consisting of reinforced poly and steel pipe have been erected to allow concrete pours on the metal decks of sequence 1. The notorious North Dakota winters won’t stop concrete from flowing on this project!

Photo Update

Quality Corner

Concrete Compressive Strength Testing: While concrete is being poured, samples of concrete are taken from different trucks to cast cylinders. Those cylinders are then put under compressive stress until the cylinder breaks. The amount of pressure that took to break the cylinder is measured and that is what is used to define the compressive strength of the concrete that was recently poured!

Upcoming Work

  • Sequence 1 Slab on Metal Deck

  • Sequence 3 Structural Steel Framing

  • Sequence 2 Pitched roof Decking

  • Exterior Wall Framing

Did You Know?

There is about 35,000 lineal feet of exterior metal framing on this project? That is 6.6 miles of metal studs and track!

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