Nistler CoBPA Late February Progress Update

Progress Update

Structural steel framing for levels 2-4 are complete. Pitched roof steel erection remains to complete steel erection as well as metal decking in sequence 3. Metal stud framing is now underway on sequence 1, with wood blocking and air barrier to follow shortly after. Fire proofing of structural steel in sequence 1will soon be complete. Interior wall framing will follow shortly. Sequence 2 Metal decks are now ready for concrete, plan on seeing plenty of concrete trucks coming in and out of site very soon!

Photo Update

Quality Corner

Fire stopping is the sealing of any openings to prevent fire, smoke and heat from passing through multiple building compartments. All penetrations must be inspected by the building inspector to ensure sealing of penetration meets code. Different manufacturers provide different types of fire stopping systems. To ensure quality of product and to avoid confusion during inspection, it is a requirement that all contractors applying fire stopping systems, use the same product manufacturer. This provides consistency between all contractors and for the owner for future use.

Upcoming Work

  • Sequence 2 Slab on Metal Deck

  • Sequence 2 Pitched roof Decking

  • Sequence 1 Slab on Grade

  • Exterior Wall Framing

  • Wood Blocking and Air Barrier

  • Fire Proofing

  • Underground MEP

  • Steel Lintels

Did You Know?

Roof pitch is used to define the steepness of a roof either as a ratio or in angular degrees. The higher the ratio or degree the steeper the roof is. On this project roof pitch is 50 degrees.

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