Nistler CoBPA Late March Progress Update

Progress Update

In celebration of “topping off” a beam raising ceremony will be held on April 1st. The ceremonial beam will bet set on level 4 of sequence 3. Structural steel remaining is the skyway’s erection. South skyway steel will begin swinging soon. Sloped roof vapor retarder has begun installation on sequence 1. Sloped roof decking remains on Sequence 3. Level 4 clerestory walls are being framed and sheathed. On the exterior envelope, Exterior framing is ongoing throughout exterior. South elevation is prepped for spray applied air barrier, In a short amount of time the purple and gray wall will turn pink when product is applied. Installation of windows will follow shortly. Sequence 1 east elevation is ready for curved lintels and sheathing soon after. Inside the building, Sequence 1 and 2 roof drain piping is ongoing. Overhead MEP on 2nd and 3rd level is progressing as well as interior framing. Underground blue duct installation is now complete, with underground electrical ongoing.

Photo Update

Quality Corner

Pour Watch: When placing concrete, between the concrete hoses being dragged and concrete hitting the deck it can get a little rough on the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) rough ins. Thus, the MEP trades always has a “pour watch”. Their job is to inspect the conduit for any damage; if any conduit breaks while placing concrete, it must be repaired immediately. A broken conduit in a concrete deck is never a good thing especially when it comes time to pulling wire. That’s why the “pour watch” job is an important part of the pour.

Upcoming Work

  • Sequence 1 and 2 Pitched Roofing

  • Sequence 1 Flat Roofing

  • Sequence 1 Sheathing, Blocking, and Air Barrier

  • South Skyway Steel Erection

  • Window installation

  • Sequence 3 Slab Pours

Did You Know?

The tallest point on the building is on the clerestory tower. From finish floor on the first level to the top of the cast stone cap on the tower columns, the total height is about 86 feet and 7 inches.