Parking Lots Closing for Construction

Over the next several months, various parking lots on the UND campus will be closed/changed due to the many construction projects that will be taking place. This includes some starting next week.

Parking along Campus Road south of the Museum of Art and the Armory will be closed. Fencing will be erected and traffic rerouted. Vehicles normally parking in this area should park in the Gustafson lot or another lot your permit allows. There will be sidewalk access from the Gustafson lot to both the Museum of Art and the Armory during this temporary closure.

With this same construction project, the Twamley parking lots and the Babcock parking lot will also close. Vehicles normally parking in these lots may park in the Burtness, Starcher, Archives, or Gustafson lots.

Starting April 1, with a separate construction project, the entire A/S common lot west of the Memorial Stadium will be closed to parking. Vehicles normally parking in this lot should park in the large lot north of the Memorial Stadium. The red “A” zone east of the Hyslop will remain open.

This construction season will be a busy time on UND campus and more parking lot changes will be occurring. Please follow the Campus Renewal Blog and watch for further communications.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this or any parking lot disruption/closure, please call 777-3551 or email us at