Nistler CoBPA Late April Progress Update

Progress Update

Installation of the sloped roof vapor retarder has begun on sequence 2 and 3. The sloped roof decking is ongoing in sequence 3. Level 4 clearstory walls are being framed and sheathed. Exterior framing is ongoing throughout the exterior. Sheathing of the west side has begun in sequence 1 and 2. Inside the building, ductwork installation has begun on First and second floor. Overhead mechanical, electrical, plumbing and interior framing has started on 1st floor, and continues on 2nd and 3rd level. Sequence 3 slab on grade is currently being prepared for upcoming pours. The last elevated deck pour was completed earlier this week.

Photo Update

Quality Corner

PCL/CC has completed inspections of the air barrier and exterior envelope. The architect JLG inspected south side prior to brick and insulation being installed.

Upcoming Work

  • Sequence 1 and 2 Pitched Roofing

  • Sequence 1 Flat Roofing

  • Sequence 1 and 2 Sheathing, Blocking, and Air Barrier

  • Sequence 2 in wall rough-in

  • Sequence 3 slab pours

  • Sequence 1 insulation of mechanical pipes

  • Sequence 3 underground rough-in

Did You Know?

It will take about 123,924 bricks to construct the Nistler College of Business & Public Administration. If the bricks were laid out in a row, it would be over 24 miles long.