Nistler CoBPA Early April Progress Update

Progress Update

The sloped roof vapor retarder has begun installation on sequence 2 and 3. The sloped roof decking is ongoing in sequence 3. Level 4 clerestory walls are being framed and sheathed. Exterior framing is ongoing throughout the exterior. Inside the building ductwork installation has begun on second floor. Overhead mep and interior framing on 2nd and 3rd level is progressing well. Sequence 2 and 3 slab on grade is currently being prepared for upcoming pours. 4th floor slab pours will be starting shortly with sleeves and hangars currently being installed.

Photo Update

Quality Corner

Steel Stud Framing Inspections: As the steel stud framing is screwed into place, the location and layout of where it is installed is very important. Inspections are performed to verify location, height and wall types throughout the install. By verifying that the installation is correct, it ensures the work to follow will meet the design intent and will Assist with the remaining of the finishes to fit into place.

Upcoming Work

  • Sequence 1 and 2 Pitched Roofing

  • Sequence 1 Flat Roofing

  • Sequence 1 Sheathing, Blocking, and Air Barrier sequence 2 in wall rough-in

  • East skyway erection sequence 3 slab pours, sequence 1 insulation of mechanical pipes

Did You Know?

22,000 linear feet of conduit has been installed either in the slab or underground. Thats 0ver 4 miles of conduit!