Housing P3 (Public Private Partnership) project begins soon

Above is the site plan for the upcoming Housing P3 (Public Private Partnership) project. The project will start shortly; the site security and related preparatory work began this week.

Contractors will also be developing a construction laydown yard on the west side of Stanford (former six-plex site).

The scope of the project for the remainder of the 2021 construction season is:

  • Demolition of McVey Hall and construction of a replacement McVey Hall
  • Demolition of West Hall and construction of a replacement West Hall
  • Extensive renovation of Brannon Hall
  • Construction of a pedestrian bridge from Wilkerson complex housing parking lot across English Coulee to connect to Princeton parking lot
  • Noren and Selke safety improvements planned in near future

UND contractors are working on asbestos abatement in McVey Hall through Aug. 20. Abatement will start in Brannon in mid-August or sooner (three-week duration). West Hall abatement will start in September.

Efforts to remove contents from Brannon and West Halls are picking up this week as well.