Nistler CoBPA Early July Progress Update

Progress Update

The air barriers at the east & west elevations are complete and windows continue to be installed. South elevation masonry is complete. North elevation framing and sheathing is near completion. Installation of insulation board, nailer base, and vapor barrier continues on the north and west facing slopes of the roof. Installation of the flat roof on level 5 is near completion. Duct work, overhead electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and interior framing continues on first, second, and third floors. Drywall installation has started on the third floor. Fire proofing continues progress on the fourth floor.

Photo Update

Quality Corner

On July 7th and 8th, water tests will be performed on the east curtainwall and south storefront window in order to test for water and air leakages, ensuring they have met the specifications. Pie, Branch Pattern, and Braun Intertec will be on site to perform or witness the testing.

Upcoming Work

  • North Elevation Air Barrier & Bay Window
  • West Elevation Glazing
  • East Elevation S1 Masonry, S2 Curtain Wall Glazing, S3 Air Barrier & Glazing
  • Flat Roof Level 5 & Sloped Roof Installation
  • Center Stair Pour & Handrails
  • Interior S3 Layout, Framing, & MEP Rough-In
  • Interior S2 Inwall Rough-In, HVAC, & Overhead Rough-In
  • Interior S1 Inwall Rought-In, Overhead Rough-In & Drywall
  • Penthouse Fireproofing
  • Elevator Delivery & Installation

Did You Know?

Drone use in the construction industry has grown over 239% in the past year, the most of any industry. The mining and agriculture industries are right behind with growth rates of 198% and 172%, respectively, in the past year. The aerial maneuverability of drones along with the ability to record videos and take photos has helped to streamline and improve the construction industry.

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  • July 5, 2021 at 9:18 am

    To Who It May Concern,

    Are there concerns of a “Wind Tunnel” effect between Nistler and Chester Fritz Library buildings. With the overhead walkway and the narrow pathway between the two buildings it could compress air with the northerly winds.

    . .

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