Nistler College of Business & Public Administration early August progress update

Progress Update

The air barrier is complete on the east half of the north elevation and is continuing on the west half. Windows on the north elevation continue to be installed. Masonry continues, and north elevation framing and sheathing is near completion.

Installation of insulation board, nailer base, and vapor barrier is nearly completed on the north-facing slope of the roof. Duct work, overhead electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and interior framing continue of first, second and third floors. Drywall installation has started on the third floor.

Quality Corner

Before drywall is placed, our team verifies that all electrical, mechanical, plumbing and technology in-wall rough-in is correct. After verification, a stud on each of the four walls is marked with spray paint to indicate that drywall can be installed. This prevents future demo of drywall to correct mistakes.

Upcoming Work

  • North elevation glazing and S2 CW mullions
  • East elevation S1, S2 and S3 masonry, west elevation S1 masonry
  • Shingling on sloped roof
  • South/east skyway framing
  • Center stair pour and handrails
  • Interior S3 layout, framing, and MEP rough-in
  • Interior S1 inwall rough-in, HVAC and overhead rough-in
  • Interior S1 inwall rough-in, overhead rough-in and drywall
  • Elevator delivery and installation
  • Fireproofing in penthouse and skyways

Did You Know?

There are currently 1.712 billion tons of steel being used in the world today. In 2018, 2.6 million tons of steel was used for railwans and trucks, and 18.8 million was used solely for concrete reinforcing bars.

During the technological revolution and the second industrial revolution, Henry Bessemer invented a method to mass-produce steel called the Bessemer Process. Prior to this, it took a full day to convert 3-5 tons of iron to steel. With the invention, it took under 20 minutes.