Get to Know Your Reference Librarians: Megan Carroll

Get to know your reference librarians: Megan CarrollYou might already recognize the reference librarians at the Chester Fritz Library: they are usually the the ones behind the Ask a Librarian desk that sits straight ahead as you walk into the Library. If you want to know more about these helpful people, you’re in luck! We’re continuing the “Get to Know Your Reference Librarians” series, giving you the scoop on some interesting facts and stories from your favorite reference librarians.

Today, we’ll learn more about Megan Carroll, the subject specialist for these departments: Educational Foundations and Research, Educational Leadership, Teaching & Learning, Kinesiology & Public Health Education, Communication Sciences & Disorders, Children’s Literature, Counseling, and Psychology. To contact Megan or to learn more about her educational background, be sure to visit her profile page.

Megan’s personal background begins in a ranching community in southeastern Florida, where she grew up on the far outskirts of Fort Lauderdale and Miami. After moving to other areas of the country for her education, Megan’s career as an academic librarian brought her to the University of North Dakota and Grand Forks just last year.

Megan’s journey toward becoming a librarian started due to her love of helping people. Being a librarian also comes in handy to fulfill her passion for research and searching–but without having to write the article or paper at the end! The Chester Fritz Library’s new furniture in the Reference area has made that space her favorite, especially the cozy Brodies that allow students to study in partial privacy and without distractions.

Here are some other interesting tidbits about Megan:

Megan Carroll
Megan Carroll

What is your favorite place to eat in Grand Forks area and what do you usually order (or what would you recommend)?
Rhombus Guys Brewing Co. and their scotch eggs.

What is the craziest or most interesting job you’ve ever had?
I use to work for my uncle’s antique car auction during the summers in college. We’d travel all over the western part of the US doing auctions with really old awesome cars.

What do you think your life’s theme song would be?
Not sure exactly but probably some old twangy country song.

What strange skill do you have that many other people don’t?
I used to ride horses in the rodeo when I was a kid so I know my way around a barn, ranch, etc.

What skill or talent do you wish you had?
I wish I was flexible. It’s so important for physical health and is something I have to continue to work at.