One Button Studio is here!

Remember that new room that was being built on the second floor near the computer and study space last semester? We know many of you were excited to hear that we were in the process of creating a new One Button Studio for everyone to use to record presentations and other videos, so we’re happy to announce that it is now ready for student and faculty use!

How does the One Button Studio work?

It’s designed to be easy! Just insert your drive, click the button, and go!

Insert thumb drive, click button, record
Photo credit: CC BY NC SA via University of Notre Dame

What can you do in the One Button Studio?

  • Conduct mock interviews
  • Record and replace background using the green screen option
  • Record a slide show presentation (such as PowerPoint or Google Slides)
  • Practice public speaking or dissertation defense

And any other recording tasks that you might need for school or job searching!

Want to reserve the space?

Try out our new room reservation system!

  1. Log into the reservation system with your UND username and password.
  2. Choose the dates and times that you’d like to reserve the Studio.

What do you do when it’s time for your reservation?

  1. Grab your USB drive and head over to the library.
  2. Stop by the Access Services Desk on the second floor of the library (just to the left of the security gates when you first come into the second level).
  3. Pick up the Studio key.
  4. Record your session!
  5. Lock the Studio and return the key.

Need more help?
Ask at the Access Services Desk for assistance with any questions or problems before or during your scheduled reservation. If you’d like a demonstration, stop by the Access Services Desk on the second floor of the library!

Chester Fritz Library One Button Studio