Twice as much is better only with ice cream and apple pie

You skipped the movies and studied late so you could ace your advanced chemistry and algebra finals. Next, you sweated out that extemporaneous speech for weeks before you killed it. Do you really want to do it all over again?

Probably not. Twice as much is only good for ice cream and homemade apple pie. If you’ve already earned college-level credits in high school, make sure you take the credit for a job well done. Send us your official college transcripts now, so we can transfer your credits and spare you the do-over.

High school transcripts don’t count as official proof of college credits, and your high school can’t request the transcripts for you. You must ask the college where you earned the credits to send the official transcripts directly to:

UND Office of Admissions
3501 University Ave Stop 8357
Grand Forks ND 58202-8357

An exception to the rule would be for students who attended a North Dakota high school that uses the eTranscript system. In that case, students likely are covered. However, it’s best to confirm with your high school counselor.

Students who do request transcripts can expect to pay a minimal $5 or $10 processing fee. Learn more about Advanced Placement (AP) credits and College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) credits on our website.