Send latest scores for best scholarship shot

There’s no better time than NOW to let the University of North Dakota know your student’s GPA and highest ACT or SAT score.

He or she already may have earned an automatic scholarship, but they could be eligible for even more!

That’s because UND uses the top score from each section of either the ACT or SAT (regardless of exam date) to determine a composite superscore and eligibility status.

Scholarships range from $1,000 to $12,000! It’s a lot of money, but believe it or not, it does run out. Students need to act today for their best chance to get a piece of the scholarship pie!

And remember it’s not too late for your student to confirm their enrollment and stay on track for a fall start. All they need to do is pay their $200 nonrefundable deposit, and they’ll be able to sign up for Orientation, get their housing assignment and register for classes.