Finnie can come. Fido needs to stay at home.

No doubt if you’ve already connected with your roommate, you’ve talked about what you plan to pack for your new space. If not, that’s something you’ll want to do in the coming weeks.

There’s no sense — and NO ROOM — for two large-screen TVs. Right? Parents and students, please check out this list for a better idea about what you should and shouldn’t bring to campus:

YES, YOU SHOULD BRING: Extra-long twin sheets (36-by-80 inches), pillows, comforter/bedspread and blanket. Towels/washcloths. Bedside or desk lamp, clothes hangers, fused outlet strip (no extension cords). A fan, laundry supplies/basket, a small first-aid kit. Toiletries and a padlock (most residence halls have lockable drawers).

IT’S OK TO BRING: A personal computer, compact refrigerator (up to 5.0 cubic feet), jute-backed carpet or rug. A single-serve coffee maker (with enclosed heating element, Keurig or similar brand) also is OK.

NOPE, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT: Alcohol (not even empty containers), appliances such as toasters and microwaves, open-flame devices (including candles, not even for decoration). Any pet (except for fish in aquariums smaller than 10 gallons). You can find more housing tips on our website.