Freshman class on track for record-setting repeat

Your students are getting smarter and smarter.

First-day enrollment numbers show this year’s freshman class is more academically prepared than ever, breaking an all-time record set just last year.

This fall’s incoming freshman class of 1,683 students reported an overall average high school
GPA of 3.50, edging out last fall’s class average of 3.46.

The same class marked another record with a 10 percent increase in the number of students reporting an ethnicity other than white/Caucasian.

In total, UND’s first-day enrollment hit 13,372 students. And the total number of new students — including freshmen, new grad students, transfers and medical and law students — increased by 3.3 percent over last year.

Since the launch of the One UND Strategic Plan, the collective GPA of UND’s freshman classes consistently has made small but steady year-to-year increases. Read more on the story.