10 lucky students take home the prize

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Oh no, the prize was much better than that. Ten lucky students randomly were selected for $1,000 scholarships for their fall semester at the University of North Dakota.

It was part of UND Admitted Student Day on February 28. Nearly 200 students and their guests attended the special daylong event that gave them their first big taste of college life.

They were able to hang with their potential best friends of the future, visit with professors in the classrooms, hear from a panel of students and explore the parts of campus that most interested them.

It was eye-opening for most but a thousand-times better for at least 10 students and their families. The scholarship winners were Isabella Gomez, Bree Petersen, Jenna Bina, Sienna Hargesheimer, Isaac Moder, Caleb Hupp, Mitchell Johnson, Natalie Wood, Michael Bartholomew and Mya Raulston.

If your student missed Admitted Student Day, we’re currently offering virtual visits where they can chat with our Admissions Reps and academic departments. If they already know UND is the place for them, now is the best time to pay their enrollment confirmation deposit, make their reservation for an online registration date and reserve their spot for Orientation.