Get ready to register for fall 2020

Does your student still need to register for their fall 2020 classes? All they need to do is complete the three easy steps (two steps if they’ve already paid the confirmation deposit) below to get enrolled in classes and successfully start at UND in the fall. Make sure they complete these steps before June 30.

  1. Pay the $200 enrollment confirmation deposit. This step must be done at least two business days before completing the next step (unless you’ve already paid it).
  2. Complete the New Student Transition reservation process. This could take up to an hour to complete. Your student is not signing up for classes during this step. They will, however, be signing up for an online group registration session.
  3. Complete the online group registration process. Two business days prior to your student’s group registration session, they’ll receive an email with their specific academic advisement sheet and a video tutorial showing how to enroll for classes. Your student should be able to register for classes before their group registration session. If your student successfully enrolls for classes and doesn’t have questions, they can skip the group session. If your student is unable to register for classes or has questions, make sure they attend the group session.

If you or your student have additional questions, please refer to the New Student Transition Program page or contact UND Student Involvement & Parent Programs at 701.777.4200 or