15 of your most-asked questions

We answered some of your most-asked questions. If you have additional questions, please be sure to attend one of the Student & Parent Q&A Sessions on Aug. 12 or 18.

1. Is there extra funding due to COVID? UND provides emergency scholarships to assist students with financial barriers to their success. Since this is a very fluid situation, subscribe to the Coronavirus Blog for updates.

2. Will I be allowed extra time to pay my past due balance because of COVID? We’ll work with individuals on a case-by-case basis. If an extension is needed, please reach out to One-Stop Student Services at 701.777.1234 or onestop@UND.edu.

3. If I am taking only online classes, do I still need to pay any mandatory fees? Mandatory fees are built into the student’s overall cost of attendance. They are applicable to all students at this time.

4. Will there be work study jobs available due to COVID? Student employment is available for both work study and non-work study positions. For more information, please visit the Student Employment website.

5. Are we still required to live on campus as freshmen? Yes, freshmen still are required to live on campus unless they meet the criteria for exemption and complete the exemption request process. You can find additional housing FAQs on the housing website.

6. How will dining work for students? Wilkerson and Squires dining centers will be open as “all you can eat” facilities. Students should download the GET app on their smartphone to use as their ID to access the dining centers. The dining rooms will offer limited seating, so takeout will be the preferred service. All food items will be served instead of self-service. Beverage stations will be self-service. Disinfectant wipes also will be available to students for wiping down the beverage dispenser before AND after use. All food will be served on disposables. For more information about the dining changes, food options and announcements, visit the Dining Services website.

7. When can I move into the dorms? Housing has adjusted the move-in process, offering two move-in options. For more information, move-in dates, what to bring and additional FAQs, visit the Residence Hall Move-In website.

8. Will there be additional aid options for those with less income? A financial aid administrator may adjust an individual’s expected family contribution if the administrator believes the family’s financial circumstances warrant it. Please visit the Special Circumstance Appeal web page for more information on how to submit a form. In addition, if your student hasn’t filled out their FAFSA, ensure they do ASAP to get the best chance at financial aid. Go to studentaid.gov to fill out the 2020-21 FAFSA. Please also refer to the Scholarships web page for Emergency Scholarships.

9. I don’t have enough money for tuition. Can I set up a payment plan due to loss of income? We do not have payment plans at this time. However, you can make installment payments toward the balance until the final payment deadline.

10. I had a COVID test. Who do I call to get my test results? Please contact the North Dakota Department of Health or the health care facility that administered your test.

11. If UND classes are moved online and my student is not getting a face-to-face education, why do I still have to pay tuition and fees? All costs will be reviewed if our semester is moved online. UND will notify students of any potential refunds.

12. Where do I apply for the CARES Act? There is no application for CARES Act funding. Please refer to the U.S. Department of the Treasury for information regarding the CARES Act.

13. If my student is sent home, will we get a refund? UND will determine potential refunds if students are required to move home during the semester.

14. My student had his orientation canceled because of COVID. How do we get registered for classes? You can make a reservation via the online New Student Transition program, and an advisor will contact your student to help them get registered for fall.

15. Does my student need to get tested for COVID-19 before coming to campus? All students are strongly encouraged to get tested approximately 5 days before leaving home. International students are required to be tested. The North Dakota University System is offering free testing in several locations across the state. For more details and a full list of locations, visit the NDUS Free COVID Testing page, or check with your state/local public health offices for testing options near you.