Happy Holidays from the University of North Dakota


This has been a historic and challenging year at the University of North Dakota, as well as worldwide. But as it comes to a close, we find ourselves experiencing one of the holiday season’s most meaningful feelings: gratitude.

Gratitude, for the hard work that all of you have put in, and that has helped UND meet all of its challenges and then some; gratitude, for our fellow academics, scientists, supply-chain managers and others worldwide, whose exceptional efforts now have brought forth several COVID vaccines; gratitude, for North Dakotans’ longstanding love of learning, which enables that same research work and “life of the mind” to flourish here.

Thanks to all of your efforts, UND and North Dakota now are poised to make 2021 a truly exceptional year.

With gratitude, we offer best wishes for a holiday filled with love, and a happy new year.

— Andy and Kathy Armacost