Students may re-select housing options for fall

With on-campus classes resuming this fall,  the UND Housing Office is focused on promoting the health, safety and well-being of our residents — and by extension — our entire campus community. As we work to build a more COVID-19 resistant campus and maintain physical distancing, we are assessing all areas, including campus housing.

In addition to implementing more concentrated cleaning practices and updating common spaces to facilitate physical distancing, all residence hall and University Place students will now have their own private room. Students will no longer have a roommate, but in most instances will have a suitemate in a connected room.

To offer this change, UND has opened up additional residence halls to accommodate the higher demand for space.  However, students may need to consider new options since fewer spaces are available in each hall. All students will be given the opportunity to participate in the room selection process with the same priority they had in the initial process.

There is no change for students living in UND apartments.

Current and incoming residence hall students will receive detailed information from UND Housing on the reselection process. They should check the Housing website and their UND email for further details.