UND announces face coverings requirement to promote healthy campus community

In preparation for a COVID-resistant fall semester restart and as more students and employees are returning to campus, effective immediately, the University of North Dakota will require face coverings to be worn on campus. Details about the requirement are available on the Coronavirus blog.

The face coverings requirement, which pertains to all students, staff, faculty, affiliates and visitors taking part in UND-sponsored activities on campus, is an important layer of defense against the spread of COVID-19 as well as a strong display of our concern for those around us. It also aligns with University’s smart restart plans for the fall semester, when thousands of students, family members, staff, faculty, affiliates and other visitors converge on our campus.

The University’s higher COVID-resistant stance for requiring face coverings may not look exactly like what is taking place in the rest of Grand Forks or in the hometowns of many of our students. That’s because there are unique aspects of our University community that are not present in many of these other places. For example, starting in August, the University will welcome to campus —and to Grand Forks — the population equivalent to a small city of people from nearly every U.S. state and dozens of countries. Most of that activity will center on a compact slice of Grand Forks no larger than a typical golf course. This high-density learning, living and working environment, combined with flexible use of spaces, continuous interactions among varied populations (age ranges, health conditions) and high-traffic movement between buildings poses challenges for campus COVID responders. The University’s heightened vigilance in requiring face coverings is critical in our efforts to curb the coronavirus spread and keep our campus community healthy and safe.

The University urges everyone to embrace this commitment to maintain good health and to promote the wellbeing of others around you. It’s what we can do to look out for each other as we move forward on our path to establishing the most COVID-resistant campus possible.

More information on face coverings.