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Last updated 6.17.20

In coordination with the Pandemic Planning & Response Team, a working group is developing a Healthy Hawks campaign to help educate campus about COVID-19 safety protocols. The subcommittee includes representatives from Emergency Management, Safety, Student Health Services, Facilities, Housing & Dining and Marketing & Communications.

As part of this Healthy Hawks campaign, two main initiatives will be worked on over the summer and be installed/available prior to the start of the fall semester:

  • Identify physical distancing requirements and necessary signage for every building on campus.
  • The master physical distancing plan will include a standard set of signage for entry/exits, classrooms, elevators, sanitizer stations, etc. for each campus building. A sample plan for O’Kelly Hall, pictured above, shows the type of assessment Facilities will be completing for each building and floor.
  • Develop a Healthy Hawks campaign to educate the campus community on COVID-19 safety protocols. This will include a comprehensive prevention campaign as well as standard set of communication resources, such as educational posters, video tutorials, and downloadable signage templates.

As departments look ahead to fall, they may have been planning to develop and purchase their own COVID-19 resources/supplies/signage. However, in effort to have a coordinated pandemic response as well as reduce overall costs, departments should check with their assigned Jaggaer approvers to determine if those resources/supplies will be provided by the Pandemic Planning & Response Team.

Signage and Templates

Individual departments do not need to make separate physical distancing and signage plans for their buildings.

This page will be updated as signage, templates and other resources become available.

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