Healthy Hawks Restart

Last updated 7.6.20

Help reduce the spread and keep our UND community safe.

Current Safety Level: Transitioning from 1 to 2

Required for Safety Levels 1 and 2

  • Maintain physical distance of at least 6 feet.
  • Wear face coverings when interacting with others 
  • Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer. 
  • Do not touch your face. 
  • Clean surfaces frequently. 
  • If experiencing symptoms, stay home and call your health care provider.  

Safety Levels

The Healthy Hawks Safety Levels serve as general guidelines for what the UND community can expect and how we can help keep each other safe during COVID-19. As coronavirus cases rise and fall within our community, UND has three levels of safety to guide what’s allowable for academic, student life and other activities.  

The guidelines are fluid and subject to change based on new information from the CDC and State of North Dakota. Exceptions may apply. 

What’s Allowed? Safety Level 1

High Community Spread

Safety Level 2

Low to Moderate Community Spread

Safety Level 3

Vaccine or Treatments Available

Learning All Remote Mix of In-Person and Online 


New Normal with Recommended Safety Precautions 
Working All Remote

Essential Workers Only

Mix of In-Person and Remote  New Normal with Recommended Safety Precautions 


All Virtual 

Public Spaces Closed 

Virtual Gatherings Encouraged* 

Mix of In-Person and Virtual 

Virtual Gatherings Encouraged*  

New Normal with Recommended Safety Precautions* 
Housing & Dining Halls Closed as Feasible

Grab and Go Dining Options

Halls Open with Private Rooms Only  

Dining Centers and Retail Food Locations Offer Expanded options with Physical Distancing and No Self-Service

New Normal with Recommended Safety Precautions 

*UND has an event approval process. UND follows the State of North Dakota’s Smart Restart guidelines for event/meeting capacities, but our guidelines may be stricter at times due to the density and mobility of our campus population. 

Change in Safety Levels 

UND is actively monitoring the following indicators to determine the recommended Safety Level that the University should adhere to at any given time. If one or more of the indicators impacts the UND community, it may trigger UND to move to from one Safety Level to another.  

It’s important to note that depending on the prevalence of COVID-19 in the UND community, the University may have fluid movement between levels and among types of activities from month to month, week to week or day to day. In the best interest of our UND community’s health and well-being, students, faculty and staff may need to “pivot” between on-campus operations and remote work and classes. 

Revert to Level 1 from Any Level

  • Substantial rise in new COVID-19 cases relevant to the UND population;  
  • Substantial number of cases tied to UND cannot be tracked to known cases (i.e., community spread); 
  • Inability to conduct case investigation of new COVID-19 cases; 
  • Inability to rapidly isolate all newly identified COVID-19 cases; 
  • Inability to provide testing of symptomatic and identified close contacts of newly identified cases; 
  • Insufficient supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) to meet demand; and/or 
  • Altru Hospital is no longer able to treat all patients requiring hospitalization without entering crisis mode. 

From Level 1 to Level 2

  • Sustained reduction in new COVID-19 cases at UND;  
  • Ability to conduct case investigation of new COVID-19 cases; 
  • Ability to rapidly isolate all newly identified COVID-19 cases; 
  • Ability to provide testing of symptomatic and identified close contacts of newly identified cases; 
  • Sufficient supply of PPE to meet demandand/or 
  • Altru Hospital is able to safely treat all patients requiring hospitalization without entering crisis mode. 

From Level 2 to Level 3

  • A proven, FDA-approved vaccine is available to the UND community; and/or 
  • Other therapeutic options for prevention or treatment show a measurable impact on disease activity, help rescue very sick patients, and are available to the UND community. 

Process for Safety Level Decisions 

The following process is used to determine Safety Level changes at UND: 

  • Members of UND’s Pandemic Planning & Response Team consult regularly with the appropriate entities in Grand Forks County and the State of North Dakota. 
  • The Pandemic Team meets daily to discuss COVID-19 issues and to advise the President’s Executive Council.  
  • Based on the presence of the indicators above, the Pandemic Team provides Safety Level recommendations to the President’s Executive Council for consideration. 
  • The President’s Executive Council meets twice per week (or as needed) to discuss specific COVID-19 issues and to advise the President. 
  • The President makes the final decision on any Safety Level changes needed to keep the UND community safe. 

Safety Level Notifications 

  • UND’s current Safety Level is indicated continuously on the Coronavirus Blog and website banner. 
  • If there is a change in UND’s Safety Level, the same process used tnotify the UND campus community of weather-related closings or other emergencies will be used (even if the change is an improvement)including:  
    • Mass emails
    • Text notifications
    • Social media
    • Website emergency banner
    • Digital signage
  • Departments hosting visitors or affiliates are responsible for notifying them of Safety Level changes.