Physical Distancing

Last updated July 22 ,2020

How we enter, move through and leave each UND building is different 

Well need to follow COVID-19 signage to help with traffic controlAll changes were made to reinforce physical distancing, prevent crowding and help with contact tracing should an outbreak occur. 

Designated Entrances and Exits

Each UND building will have a designated primary entrance and multiple exitsDepending on the floorplan, some buildings may have a secondary entrance and/or emergency only exitsDuring an emergencyevacuate using all entrances and exits.

Enter Only Sign
Enter Only Sign

Traffic Flow

Inside buildings, follow directional arrows and floor stickers to help maintain a physical distance of six feet. 

Directional Signs
Directional Signs

Physical distancing will also extend to stairwellsThere will be enter only and exit only stairwells. Enter only will be used for building circulation, while exit only will be reserved for leaving a building.

Elevator doors will list maximum rider occupancy. If the occupancy is greater than one, floor markingwill be placed where multiple riders should stand to maintain physical distancing requirements.

O'Kelly Elevator Sign
Elevator Sign


Multi-user restrooms will have physical distancing reminders on exterior doors. 

Plexiglass Shields

Stay behind plexiglass shields that are installed in areas where physical distancing is not possible, or at common points of interaction, such as reception desks and at the front of classrooms.

Plexiglass Shield and Desks 6 ft Apart
Plexiglass Shield and Desks 6 ft Apart