Student FAQs

Following are frequently asked questions from students.

Where can I find information about the Federal CARES Act?

The UND Financial Aid Office has put together a FAQ.

Will there be changes in financial aid because of remote classes?

No. As long as you stay actively enrolled, there should be no changes to scholarships or financial aid. Some students may need to adjust course schedules; work with your academic advisor.

Will classes be on campus this fall?

As of now, classes are expected to be held on campus.

Will we receive a tuition reimbursement?

Students will not receive a tuition reimbursement because UND is continuing to provide people with the educational opportunities that they desire and have paid for.

Will we move to a pass/fail system for final grades?

Yes. For this semester only, undergraduate students may request the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grade option. You do not need to take any action to receive the standard letter grade. More information is available at this blog post.

Will commencement be held?

We will hold virtual commencements on Saturday, May 16. Visit the UND Commencement page for more information.

Can we return our cap and gown?

We are working with vendors to determine that.

Will Aerospace resume flight training?

UND will continue to suspend all hands-on flight training to ensure student and pilot safety.

Will we be reimbursed for residence hall costs and meal plans?

UND is offering a 30% credit to residence hall students who are unable to utilize Housing and Dining Services for the remainder of the semester. Residence Halls and Dining Services will remain open for students who need to stay on campus. Students who continue to utilize these services will not be eligible for a credit.

More information is available on a blog post from Housing and Dining Services.

How do I retrieve my belongings from the residence halls?

Your keys and ID access will still work. Please coordinate with your RA if you’re going to check out. We want to make certain students are getting home safely. There is no need to rush; your belongings will be safe.

What if we can’t move out of the residence halls before April 19?

No problem. Our residence halls remain open. We will work with you, and ask you to call the Housing Office at 701.777.4251.

Can we receive a reimbursement for parking?

Students can receive a parking permit refund. The request must be received by April 15. To request a refund, email with your name, ID number and a brief message stating you no longer will be parking on campus through July 31 and are requesting a permit refund.

What happens if someone must return to campus and is sick?

Because we want to protect your safety as well as those around you, please call Student Health Services at 701.777.3965 during weekdays. You may also call the Altru Health Systems coronavirus hotline at 701.780.6358, 24 hours per day. You will be asked to self-distance from people, and we will work with you to help you continue your education remotely.

Will the Testing Center be opened to all students?

If you need help with testing, whether for a documented disability or need other assistance, go to the Testing Center website or call them at 701.777.4157. Even though staff are working remotely, the phone will be answered during office hours.

Will expanded test proctoring be available?

We are not expanding our use of Proctor U, and are working with faculty to provide other testing options through Blackboard and Yuja. We want you to complete your semester, learn the material and earn a good grade. We want to work with our students and faculty.

Is tutoring still available?

Yes, we will offer tutoring via Zoom. Please contact Tutoring Services.

Is there a plan in place for students employed by the University?

We are making an effort to provide remote work opportunities. In some cases, that is not possible. Work with your supervisor to see if you can transfer your job elsewhere on campus.

Will graduate student funding be extended by a semester for those whose research is disrupted?

We’re trying to maintain continuity of research. If you’re able to continue your work, either remotely on campus, we encourage that. Disruption would depend on the funding source. Talk to your advisor, department chair or dean.

Will medical school start as scheduled on July 6?

The plan now is to start on schedule July 6. It may be face-to-face or online, and we’ll look forward to seeing you.

If an international student has a travel ban back to their home country, what can they do?

The residence halls and apartments are open. If you need to stay in Grand Forks, we will work with you.

Is the Food Pantry available for students in need?

Yes. The Food for Thought Food Pantry will still offer assistance.

What is the status of the Spring Fever concert? Will tickets be refunded?

The Bryce Vine concert has been rescheduled to Friday, Oct. 16, at the Alerus Center.

Tickets will be honored for the new date. Fans unable to attend can receive a refund at the point of purchase until May 1. Contact the Alerus Center Box Office at (701) 792-1417.

Is there a place for students to ask questions?

Yes. The email address is

Is there a procedure in place if a student in the residence halls or UND apartments has been exposed to or is diagnosed with COVID-19?

Yes. UND has established procedures for both quarantine and isolation that will focus on the health of the University community as well as the Greater Grand Forks community.

If a student in the residence halls or apartments has been exposed to the coronavirus or tests positive, UND Housing will work with campus and public health officials to determine whether a person should be placed in quarantine or isolation. Areas have been established for both situations.

Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed, or may have been exposed, to the coronavirus, for 14 days. Those individuals will be asked to monitor their health and take their temperature at least twice a day. If the person experiences a fever, cough, or shortness of breath, they will be isolated from others. Isolation separates ill individuals from all others. If test results indicate that a person has COVID-19, he or she must remain in isolation until the risk of transmission to others is low – until seven days have passed since onset of symptoms and free of fever. If the person does not have COVID-19, they should still be isolated until symptoms have improved and they are fever-free for 24 hours.

How will that person receive basic needs, such as food?

A person will be trained and assigned to deliver meals and personal items to the person in quarantine or isolation. Gloves, face masks, and hand sanitizer will be provided. Grand Forks Public Health will conduct daily check-ins and will determine when the person may leave quarantine or isolation.

How will areas be sanitized after a person leaves isolation or quarantine?

UND’s goal is to ensure the safety of the entire community. Workers will wait at least 24 hours to clean, will open windows to increase circulation, and will follow guidelines for safety and sanitation. They will wear disposable gloves, masks and gowns.