UND’s tuition model gets transparency makeover

Surprises are only good for birthdays and winning the lottery. They are just no fun at all when they appear at the bottom of your college bill. (WHAT!!??)

The University of North Dakota realizes that, too, and beginning fall 2019 will use a streamlined tuition model to improve both transparency and simplicity. Tuition will be based on a student’s major, and course fees (with few, limited exceptions) will be rolled into that tuition rate.

In other words, students no longer will be charged additional course fees based on their course enrollment. Program fees (with the exception of Aviation) also have been eliminated and rolled into program-specific tuition rates.

So, students will be able to easily see what their semester charges will be without having to add separate program fees. And another plus, on-campus students who want to take some online courses no longer will be billed for any courses that exceed the 12-credit cap. They pay the program-specific rate. NO SURPRISES! YEA!

Students can learn more about the new tuition model in a FAQs section.