Director’s Corner Wrap-up

Wow! We’ll soon be rounding out the academic school year, and it’s been another great one for the history books. Once again, we’d like to extend a sincere thank-you for all you do to help your students make a smooth transition from high school to college life.

The University of North Dakota has celebrated many successes in 2018-19. Among them are the new student-backed Memorial Union soon to be in the works, a successful rollout of our interactive website and continued improvement in our four-year graduation rate.

Students Approve Legacy Memorial Union

UND students in November voted in favor of a new 158,000-square-foot Memorial Union.

The building is expected to be open for student use by spring 2021. Highlights include its design — infused throughout with natural light, easy access and a cozy atmosphere — along with expanded study and meeting spaces equipped with the latest in technology. It also features a larger convenience store, more retail and food venues, a flexible multipurpose room and a size-convertible ballroom.

The proposed energy-efficient building incorporates new space for indoor/outdoor gathering, plus a rooftop getaway, new affinity zones and more student organization space. You and future students can get a sneak peek at it all on the UND website.

New Website is a Winner for Students

Speaking of that website, Wave Four of UND’s new-and-improved, highly interactive website is taking place at the end of this semester, and the fifth and final wave likely will be completed this summer.

So far, the changes have been a flying success. Word of the University’s story and all of its fabled leaders in action is getting out — evidenced by a five-fold increase in student inquiries since the website first launched.

Prospective and current students can find answers to just about everything on the website, and they can explore all the academic possibilities they could imagine with its quick-as-a-click Program Finder.

Another way to help your students imagine their future is to direct them to the website’s Leaders in Action section, where real students from all walks of life share their UND experiences and success stories in words, photographs and video.

Four-Year Graduation Rate Makes Leap

The University of North Dakota’s One Strategic Plan has had a significant impact in the number of students graduating on time, or, in four years.

Efforts to streamline graduation requirements (without compromising quality), implementation of degree mapping and a new student success system — with a team of academic core advisors — have led to a 10 percentage point increase in the four-year graduation rate over the past three years.

That means, of course, students are SAVING MONEY and getting into the workforce sooner. Yea!!

Yes, it’s been a good year. Thanks for sharing in your students’ success! Have a wonderful summer, and we’ll see you soon enough when the leaves (once we have some) begin to turn again.

Best wishes,

Jennifer Aamodt
Director of University Admissions