Students can select ACT sections to retake

For the first time since it was developed in 1959, the ACT soon will give students the option to retake individual sections of the college prep exam.

A student didn’t do so hot on math? It wasn’t their day for science? Or maybe they want to boost their reading score without jeopardizing their perfect score in English.

Beginning with the September 2020 national test date, students will be able to pick and choose which sections they want to retake. ACT officials say the change, along with two others, was designed to give students “more flexibility, a better testing experience and greater opportunities to succeed.”

Hip, hip, hurray for test day! No longer will students need to sweat out the entire exam a second or third time in hopes of bumping up that mediocre math score only to have another section drag down their overall composite score. Instead, they’ll be able to brush up on that algebra before they ace the next exam.

So, what about the other new features? The first — an ACT superscore — will mean little change for UND students. That’s because UND already considers students’ composite superscores — based on their top score in each section (regardless of test date) — to determine scholarship eligibility.

Students still should include Code 3218 on their ACT to have their scores sent directly to UND, but now they’ll be able to request their superscore be automatically calculated.

The third feature will give students the choice to take the ACT online rather than on paper. Besides accommodating differences in testing styles, students who take the online test will receive their multiple-choice test scores and composite score as soon as two business days after the test date.

Your students can learn more about UND’s admission requirements and how to apply to UND on our website.