On our Honors: Program puts students in demand

Smart and motivated. That might just sum up the most recent UND freshman classes. The latest group of 1,627 students racked up an average high school GPA of 3.54. That makes us smile!

With so many high achievers joining the UND family, now is the perfect time to tell your students about our enhanced Honors Program — a program that combines the love of learning with a desire to positively impact the world.

Honors students are able to choose between two unique tracks. Both tracks include co-curricular activities, service projects, intellectual exploration and the rich experience of an active learning environment. And both include the chance to live with like-minded students in a close-knit Living Learning Community.

So, you ask, what’s the difference? Answer: A customized, personal fit.

The Research Scholars track gives your students a broad-based liberal arts education and stacks on opportunities to engage in research and creative activity. It works best for students who want to dig deeper into their field of study by providing specific coursework and mentoring to propel them toward graduate, medical or law school.

The Leaders in Action track starts with a strong liberal arts base but adds hands-on service learning so students can make valuable connections with University and community leaders active in areas such as politics, public service and entrepreneurship.

Either way, students can’t go wrong. The Honors Program nurtures the kind of critical thinking skills everyone wants in the working world.

So, if your students have been admitted to UND and want to benefit from this great opportunity, they should apply to the Honors Program by the May 1 application deadline. Your students must be admitted to UND before applying to the Honors program.