New ES Revalidation Process Fully Implemented in 2017-18

Revalidation is the process followed by the ES Committee to periodically recertify ES courses for continued inclusion in the program.  For the past two years the ES Committee has been examining the revalidation process with a view to making improvements based on feedback is has collected.  The result of that effort?  A new process which will fully take effect for the upcoming 2017-18 Academic Year.  The new process features three primary conceptual changes from the past process:


  1. Course-level assessment information is no longer part of the revalidation process. Instead, the ES Program will continue gathering assessment information from capstone students via the Assessment Week process.  This process is administered through the ES Office, and thus releases the departments from the need to collect assessment information for individual ES courses.  The intent is to focus on student achievement of ES learning outcomes at a point where they’ve likely completed most of their ES program of study, rather than in isolated  courses.
  2. Faculty teaching ES courses will now be asked to be more involved in ES Program activities. Just as faculty teaching for a department are expected to remain connected to that department and to goals and expectations for departmental courses, faculty teaching ES courses are expected to remain connected to that program and goals and expectations for ES courses.  The ES Office will facilitate making these connections.
  3. All ES Program goals that pertain to a given course will now be identified, rather than just the primary goal as in the past. This change will help the ES Office and ES Committee get a better sense of the many ways ES goals are being addressed in courses.


As in the past, the process will occur on a four-year cycle, so that each ES course will be revalidated within that time.  Departments whose courses are scheduled to revalidate next year will be notified individually and asked to complete their submission through an online process.  If you’d like to see the exact items that will constitute next year’s ES revalidation, a pdf copy of the form can be found here: ES Revalidation Form; and a model of the online submission form can be found at

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