Assessment of the ES Critical Inquiry & Analysis Learning Goal

As part of its regular cycle of learning goal assessments, the ES Program recently scored student work focused on the program’s Critical Inquiry & Analysis learning goal.  The work, completed during the February 2017 Assessment Week, came in response to a UND-developed “performance task” created by faculty during the 2016-17 academic year.  Approximately 250 students from capstone courses completed the task, and 28 faculty and staff came together on December 12 for a 4-hour scoring session to turn the student work into assessment data.

The Critical Inquiry & Analysis Scoring Session Summary Report Dec 2017 provides an overview of the results from the scoring session.  A more comprehensive picture of students’ work in this area will be available later in the spring semester, once additional data (particularly those from the National Survey of Student Engagement) become available.  There will likely also be a campus-wide forum held to discuss the results and their possible implications for the ES Program.  Please keep on the lookout for more information.  If you have thoughts or comments on the results, or on the ES assessment process generally, please contact Ryan Zerr at

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