First Set of Course Validations for Updated ES Program Requirements

As previously reported in the ES Newsletter, new requirements related to the Intercultural Knowledge & Skills program goal will go into effect for all students starting in Fall 2020.  To begin the process of validating courses for the updated requirements, the ES Committee has recently reviewed and is recommending to the University Senate that Religion 227 be placed in the Diversity of Human Experience course category, and that Anthropology 360, Anthropology 385, Philosophy 315, History 260, and Communication 402 be placed in the Analyzing Worldview category.

These courses represent the first wave of courses reviewed and certified to meet the updated program requirements, and signal that the transition is off to a good start.  Additional validation requests have already been received by the ES Committee and will be reviewed as the committee is able.  The deadline for requests to make the 2019-20 academic catalog is December 1, 2018.  Departments are encouraged to consider whether courses they offer will meet the necessary criteria (available here), and if so, should consider submitting a validation request to the ES Committee.  Questions of any sort should be directed to the Director of Essential Studies (Ryan Zerr) or the Chair of the ES Committee (Brad Reissig).

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