Departmental Deposit Form has been Revised

UND Treasury department has revised the departmental deposit form.

Revisions include:

  1. Cash Short Section:  the cash short section was revised and moved to the middle of the form.  Previously, it was at the bottom of the form.
  2. Tender Type:  the order of the tender types was revised.  Cash, checks, and credit card tenders were placed next to each other, as these three tenders are most often used by departments.
  3. Gift Deposit Information:  this section was added to the form and will replace the Gift Documentation form.  This section is required if account codes 478005 or 478010 are used on the deposit form.
    1. The Gift Documentation form will no longer need to be attached to the deposit form, as the new section will collect all required information for gift/donation.
    2. Please ensure that all fields are completed in this section.
    3. Only one gift deposit is able to be submitted per deposit form.  If you have multiple gifts to deposit, please submit each one on a separate deposit form.

In addition, written procedures for completing the departmental deposit form are now posted on the UND Finance website, under Treasury > Forms.

Please review the procedures to ensure deposits are submitted correctly.  If you have any questions, please contact UND Treasury at


Lisa Heher, Director of Treasury