P-Card Use for Sponsored Projects

Effective immediately, P-Card purchases for sponsored projects may be charged directly to the grant fund.  Keep in mind that in the event an unallowable expense is charged to a sponsored project, the expense will need to be moved to a departmental fund. Contact your G&C Grants Officer if you have questions regarding direct charging P-Card purchases to a sponsored award.

Pcard Statements will continue to flow through Perceptive Content and will need to be reconciled in PaymentNet.  When charging directly to the sponsored project in PaymentNet, the following additional chartfields must be completed:

Project No.:        UND00xxxxx

PC Bus Unit:       UND01

Activity:                1-Activity

A reminder that the University prefers all purchases and payments be processed through the Jaggaer system. When using Jaggaer for purchases, charges go directly to the fund you choose and there is no need to reconcile transactions afterward.

How to process in Jaggaer:

Place these orders in Jaggaer for your department as a catalog purchase, non –catalog purchase or payment request.  Instructions on how to place orders in Jaggaer can be found on the Jaggaer home page.  If you have questions or need assistance, contact Procurement & Payment Services at UND.PPS@und.edu.  Direct any new suppliers to brandon.wallace@und.edu for supplier registration.