New Grants & Contracts Tool: Award Budget Setup (ABS)

Grants & Contracts has developed a new tool called the Award Budget Setup (ABS) form to eliminate delays in the award setup process.  Upon notification of an award by Research & Sponsored Program Development (RSPD), departments will be responsible for completing the ABS form and emailing it to the appropriate G&C manager before an award setup will be completed in PeopleSoft. In addition, G&C has developed the Award Budget Setup form Guide to assist you in using the ABS.

Effective February 1, 2021, the ABS should be used for the following types of awards: New, Supplements, Pilot funding, and Add-Ons. RSPD initiates award set-up by reviewing the notice of award or agreement and negotiating the terms and conditions, if necessary. Once the review is complete or the agreement is fully executed, RSPD will notify the PI and department of the award by email and will include a reminder to complete the ABS and send it to the G&C Grants Officer to complete award setup in PeopleSoft.

You can find the ABS on the UND website Grants and Contracts Accounting/Resources page or by clicking on the links above.

If you have any questions contact the G&C Officer for your department, or you can contact Lauren Pite, Director of Grant & Contract Accounting, at