“Emergency purchases” are defined as purchases that UND cannot make within the required time that involve public health or public safety, or where immediate expenditures are necessary for repairs of University property to protect it against further loss or damage, or to prevent or minimize serious disruption in University services. Emergency purchases must be made with the level of competition practicable under the circumstances (NDCC 54-44.4-02, subsection 7). When making an emergency purchase, document the suppliers you contacted and the basis for your award decision.
Furthermore, NDUS procedures states: Purchasing procedures may be waived by the university system and its institutions when the purchasing agent or other person delegated by that authority determines than emergency exists.


Preferably the emergency purchase the “emergency purchase request” form is completed prior to purchasing.  However, it can be completed after the purchase to document the emergency purchase.

The emergency purchase request form is located in Jaggaer must be completed.




Sometimes an unexpected requirement or poor planning creates an immediate need for commodities or services, but the circumstance is not an “emergency” as defined in law.

An approved Alternate Procurement is required prior to deviating from the competition threshold requirements based upon the estimated purchase price.

A noncompetitive procurement cannot be justified on the basis of preference, lack of advance planning, pending expiration of budget authority, cost or price, or for the convenience of the purchasing entity per NDUS 803.1 (6).

The alternate procurement must be approved by the appropriate official prior to the purchase.  The alternate procurement request form is located in Jaggaer.


Contact your assigned UND Procurement Officer if you have any questions.


Jana Thompson, Director of Procurement & Continuous Improvement, Procurement & Payment Services