PO Roll Process

As of 6/25, all orders are stopped in Jaggaer until July 1st to limit the number of purchase orders that need to be rolled.

  • Purchase Orders placed in FY21 will be “rolled over” (encumbrance moved from FY 21 to FY 22) if they are NOT fully receipted with a 6/30 date or earlier AND NOT fully invoiced by 7/9 or virtual card payments are not completed by 6/30.  See FYE Memo for further information.
  • This open PO document contains an updated list of POs meeting the criteria to be rolled.  If there is a need to filter this list further, please view this video to search this entire list of POs and filter further in Jaggaer.
  • Departments are advised to review the POs within the document above and close POs manually only under these two circumstances:
    1. if the goods/services have been received and all invoicing is complete
    2. the remaining goods/services will not be received
  • Departments have until 7/8 to manually close POs, after which a PO list will be sent to CTS to roll. Once rolled, any budget errors will be communicated back to the department to address.
  • Requestors, Approvers, and PO owners can close a PO using the “Close PO” option under Document Actions. See Page 52 of the Jaggaer Manual for instructions.
    1. It is advise to notify the Supplier if you are closing the POs which goods/services were not received.
    2. See https://campus.und.edu/finance/training#procurement for videos and reference material.

Questions:  Contact Procurement & Payment Services