Receipting in Jaggaer for Fiscal Year End

We have created some tools to help departments with receipting in Jaggaer for Fiscal Year End.

  1.  We created three saved searches under Fiscal Year End
    1. My Department POs – to be receipted
      • Select your department using the filter at the top of the search result
    2. Pending POs
      • Purchases Orders that are pending workflow completion.  Each PO should be evaluated to determine cause & correct as necessary
    3. My POs – to be receipted
      • searches current user in the participant field, you may need to also loo at My Dept. PO
  2. click on the video to show you how to use the search to find PO numbers and change the receipt date for year end.

If you still have questions after reviewing the video, you can attend the Wednesday, 1pm, zoom meeting.


Laura Nelson, Director of Finance, Procurement & Payment Services