New Rough Rider Industries catalog

RRI catalog is now available on Jaggaer! Current Benefit reminders: No need to reallocate purchases as required when using your Pcard. Orders are placed directly through Jaggaer online. No need to call. Further details can be found on their site at Questions on products […]

Hugo’s Punch-out Reminder

When ordering from Hugo’s punch-out site, please ensure the confirmation page automatically closes and the items are transferred to your cart in Jaggaer.  Once the Hugo’s confirmation page appears, wait approximately 5 seconds for the page to automatically close and […]

Jaggaer System Performance

JAGGAER has seen periods of reduced system performance.   Jaggaer technical resources are engaged and working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.  Certain system updates that coincided with the latest release were rolled back last night in an effort to rule […]

PO Roll Update

The deadline to roll POs has moved up one day.  As such, please review open POs by 12:00PM CT on 7/7/2021 to determine whether or not they should be closed.  Any open POs as of 12:00PM CT on 7/7/2021, will […]

PO Roll Process

As of 6/25, all orders are stopped in Jaggaer until July 1st to limit the number of purchase orders that need to be rolled. Purchase Orders placed in FY21 will be “rolled over” (encumbrance moved from FY 21 to FY 22) […]