About UND’s flood protection plan

Guest post by Mark Johnson, director of operations & maintenance, facilities management

All preparations are in place per our campus flood protection plan.

With the many flood mitigation steps that were built by the city and county after the 1997 flood the University’s concern about flooding is no longer the Red River but instead water from overland flooding that enters the English Coulee which runs through campus.

A large English Coulee diversion canal was constructed as a part of the flood mitigation steps after 1997. It now channels much of the water that normally comes from the west of campus around to connect with the Red River north of the city. In 2011 the Red River crested at a higher level than what is presently forecast for this spring and the campus did not experience any flooding that year.

While we are ever vigilant, we are cautiously optimistic that the same will be said for this year as well.