Scholarship winners remember getting the news on Giving Hearts Day 2018

You never know what a difference you can make.

“The Giving Hearts Day scholarship really helped reduce my stress and jump start my new career,” recalled Michelle Sanders, DPT, 2018 winner of the Lunn Family Giving Hearts Scholarship. “Digging out of debt as a new grad is really difficult and stressful and is a big focus for a lot of people. So, having that money to put toward my student loan has really helped with reducing my monthly student loan payments, which allows me to focus on the things I need to focus on as a new clinician, rather than the financial stresses that come with completing a grad level program.”

Hoping to help more students like Michelle, the UND SMHS is once again partnering with the Dakota Medical Foundation in an effort to provide a minimum of two $12,500 scholarships to UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences (SMHS) students on Giving Hearts Day 2019.

Interested in participating?

SMHS STUDENTS: Sign up at on Feb. 14 for a chance to win one of the two scholarships.

DONORS: All gift amounts are welcome! For each $1,000+ donation made to the UND SMHS at on Feb. 14, you receive one chance to have one of the scholarships named in your honor.

“As a new grad I had to decide if I was going to go for the job that will pay me the most money, since I have to pay back my student loans, or the job that’s the best fit,” added Sanders. “The scholarship helped make that choice easier for me—I was able to follow my heart and go with the best fit because I didn’t have to be as stressed about getting as much money as possible right away.”

Help the SMHS mitigate student debt for our future health care providers like Michelle.

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