SMHS Strategic Plan 2018-2023 now available

The SMHS is the only academic institution in North Dakota whose purpose is outlined by the North Dakota Century Code. As section 15-52 of the code notes,  “The primary purpose of the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences is to educate physicians and other health professionals and to enhance the quality of life in North Dakota. Other purposes include the discovery of knowledge that benefits the people of this state and enhances the quality of their lives.”

Building on this statement, and following UND’s lead in crafting its new One UND strategic plan, the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences has published a new five-year strategic plan as well. Comprised on eight distinct goals, the plan describes how the School and its units expect to address each goal over the course of five years (2018-2023).

The new SMHS Strategic plan can be read here.